Windows 11

Windows 11 is coming!

Windows 11 is coming! I am on the early development build from the Windows Insider Channel and so far it’s looking good! Been a while since a post about Windows on here so I’m welcoming sorting out your pc to run the latest operating system from Microsoft!

We have moved!

We have moved! We are now based in Warwick – so to reflect that the name has changed to Warwick Computer MOT Regards Warwick Computer MOT team

Christmas Computer?

Just a reminder that I can backup your old PC and then transfer all the data across to your new PC after Christmas if you would like. A special offer from now to the end of January I’ll offer thgis service for £25 all in

Latest website work

I’ve recently been working on a new website for a client and just thought I’d post up the results! Old website looked like this: And the new brighter, bolder and with parallax effects looks like this: And this:

Windows 10 and the lies ;)

I’ve seen plenty of lies about Windows 10 recently – from the Microsoft will stop you using pirated software to the Microsoft is spying on you lie. It’s quite simple – they DO use information to help them target you for ads etc. and they DON’T block pirated software but Read more…

Win 10 upgrades and issues

Well Windows 10 appears to be a solid upgrade for the majority of people but there are still some niggling bugs about. If you still want to take the plunge my backup and install service is still available for a limited time at £25 per machine! Anybody want to take Read more…


Great service offered, had the problem fixed within minutes and even went the extra mile to ensure everything was in working order. Rebecca